Independent Medication Management Audit

Independent Medication Audit with Comprehensive Report and Recommendations

  • Category: Independent Medication Audits
  • Duration: 03:30 Hours
  • Address: Your Premises (Map)

Price:£115 £95

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This can be done remotely or via a personal visit to you by one of our Audit Officers. The audit will require the assistance of a member of staff who is familiar with the management of medicines onsite.

The visit will entail an inspection of the rooms where medicines are stored, records associated with the administration of medicines (such as the previous months MARs and CD Register) and the Medication Policy & Procedures.

After the Audit Officer has asked all the questions they have, they will then go away and compile a detailed report that will show all the observations they have made together with comprehensive recommendations on improving the service where needed in order to satisfy CQC that the management of medicines is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. This report is often made available to you within 48hrs.